Singapore Parenting Congress 2016

Event details

Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 - “Are you a SUPERHERO to your child?”

Venue: Suntec Convention Level 3

Date: 30 – 31 July 2016

Ticket price: Single $18, Couple $25 (we have extended a $4 discount to the first 500 registrations from schools. Registration closes on 25 July 2016. Promo code: PSPC072016)


Tickets are also available at all SISTIC channels.

Jointly organised by: Mediacorp & Families for life

Official media: SmartParents

There will be a total of 13 seminar sessions at this event, hosted by local parenting experts. 4 different languages are available as well. A programme schedule is attached for your reference.

The key parenting messages that will be highlighted at this event by different seminar sessions are-

i. Active Parenting- The importance of taking a proactive approach in parenting; in developing a child’s character, instilling them with the right values and building them up to be resilient people. How can we prepare our children for the future where much uncertainty lies? Academics success should not be the only focus in a child’s development.

ii. Screen time vs Face time- Impact of technology on parenting, it is always a bad thing? Parents will gain insights into their children’s mobile and digital technology habits, as well as how to connect and engage with their children more effectively.

iii. Spending quality vs quantity time- Many parents in dual household income struggle with balancing work and family time. Spending quality time is very important in building strong family ties. Spending time with your kids (being present physically and mentally), also help make a child feel more confident and secure.

iv. Grand-parenting- The role of extended family in a child’s development- the important role grandparents play. Grandparents aren’t just an extra pair of hands. They make great role models who can be positive influences in our child’s life! Learn how communications can be improved.

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