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- Teacher's Day 2021 -

Hardworking teachers always deserve a good treat! For Teacher’s Day, the PTA prepared a sumptuous brunch for our educators. In a video message to the teachers, the PTA expressed its gratitude and admiration for the teachers’ drive for excellence and their focus on instilling strong values in our children.

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- Children’s Day 2021 -

Simple, thoughtful and practical gifts for our children this Children’s Day. The PTA presented every student with a printed lanyard that matches each grade’s nametag color, and a bookmark for life’s learning journey. The bookmarks carried the inspirational message:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

P6 Good Luck Gift for PSLE

It is necessary for P6 student to get a transparent case to store the stationary during the PSLE examination. This is to ensure all items brought into the examination room can be seen. This leads to a custom-made transparent pouch given to all NYPS P6 students every year before their PSLE examinations as a good luck gift as part of our PTA support and encouragement for them.

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