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Entering primary school is a significant milestone for you and your child. It can be a daunting experience for some little ones, being in a brand-new environment. These transitions include adjusting to new physical and social environments, and longer school hours. Navigating these changes in roles and expectations, and in preparation for them, can be both exciting and challenging. In helping our children to adapt and to thrive through the transitions, parents play an important role, especially in the earlier phase.

You can play a more active role in supporting your child by becoming a member of the NYPS-PTA. Here are some of the KEY REASONS parents join the PTA:

  • Help the teachers provide a more holistic education for students, and provide support to the teachers and the children to bridge the transition.

  • The opportunity to interact with teachers and to hear from them information on the school curriculum and developments.

  • Network with other parent members, including those with children in the upper primary, to share tips and strategies on everything about the school and the children’s development.

  • Involve in organising activities which seek to enhance cultural and social understandings of the children.

  • Participate in school’s social and educational activities as parent volunteers, and the opportunity to observe and interact with the children.

  • Deeper awareness of school’s activities, develop common lingo and forge closer relationships with the children.

  • Access to interesting articles and video clips relating to children’s development

NYPS-PTA membership is exclusive to parents with children currently studying in NYPS. 

Membership fee is a fixed one-time payment of $60 per child, no matter which grade your child is in when you join. Membership is based on per child and not per parent basis. All PTA T-shirts are $25 each. All PTA members are required to wear the PTA T-shirt whenever he or she participates in any of the school activities or events.

Why wait then? To enjoy the full 6 years of the above benefits, JOIN US TODAY by clicking here!

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